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Current moon phase

Full Moon
Full Moon

Moon phase today, Sunday, June 23, 2024

Moon phase currently is Full Moon, with 98.21% illumination and 376,817.22 kilometers away from earth. At the end of today the moon will have 94.44% illumination and be 372,812.26 kilometers away from the earth.

Local time 2:00:20 AM EDT
Phase Full Moon
Illumination 98.21% Visible
Rise/Set 10:37 PM / 06:54 AM
Moon Age 16.03 Days
Constellation ♓ Pisces
Moon Angular 30.28º
Moon Distance 376,817.22 km
On the map 26°15'S, 81°38'S

Moonrise and Moonset today

Today, the moonrise time is 10:37:00 PM EDT, and the moonset time is 6:54:00 AM EDT, so between rising and setting, the moon lasts for 15 hours and 43 minutes.

Moonrise today

Moonrise today 10:37 PM Illumination: 94.74%

Moonset today

Moonset today 6:54 AM Illumination: 97.55%

Current moonlight and moon position

Currently, 98.21% of the moon is illuminated. Moonlight can be seen on a map as a soft, silvery light that reflects off the surface of the map. A silvery reflection may appear more or less pronounced depending on how the moon is illuminated.

world map
Illumination: 98.21%, Moon's Coordinates: 26°15'S, 81°38'S

Observation of the moon today

Observation of the moon from the beginning of the day until the end of the day

Local time Phase Visibility Constellation Direction
12:00 AM Full Moon 98.45% ♓ Pisces 160ºSSE
2:00 AM Full Moon 98.21% ♓ Pisces 183ºS
4:00 AM Full Moon 97.96% ♓ Pisces 205ºSSW
6:00 AM Full Moon 97.68% ♓ Pisces 221ºSW
8:00 AM Full Moon 97.39% ♓ Pisces 232ºSW
10:00 AM Full Moon 97.08% ♓ Pisces 240ºWSW
12:00 PM Full Moon 96.75% ♓ Pisces 245ºWSW
2:00 PM Full Moon 96.41% ♓ Pisces 248ºWSW
4:00 PM Waning Gibbous 96.05% ♓ Pisces 113ºESE
6:00 PM Waning Gibbous 95.67% ♓ Pisces 118ºESE
8:00 PM Waning Gibbous 95.28% ♓ Pisces 125ºSE
10:00 PM Waning Gibbous 94.87% ♓ Pisces 134ºSE